Templates are a great way to create patterns of shifts for the scheduler, without specifying which employees should take each shift. Start by going to the Templates page and clicking the green button in the top right.

Then, select the location or multiple locations from the top right that you would like to create a template shift pattern for. If you are wanting to create a shift pattern for multiple stores you will have to create new shifts. If it is only for one location you will have the option to select from the existing shifts you have created that are tagged to that store.

It is easy to add new shifts- click on 'Add Shift' and you can then edit the details by clicking on the default shift box.

If you have existing shifts they will automatically appear here.

Once you have your shifts ready click 'Add Row' to create a template for one employee. Add more rows to create a template for multiple employees.

You can then drag shifts onto the empty rota to create your desired shift pattern.

Enter a name for the template (where the text is highlighted yellow). Press 'Save' to save the template only and press 'Save As' to replicate the template and save as another shift pattern.

After saving you will see a list of all templates under 'Templates' which you can edit or delete at any point.

 Click here to see how to add these to your rotas.

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