You can request a shift swap via the employee mobile app and the online web app.

To request a swap on the mobile app simply go to 'My Shifts', click on the shift you want to swap, and press 'Request Swap'.

Any team mates who are not working at that time will get sent a notification letting them know a swap is up for grabs. They can then express interest or reject the request. Your manager will also get alerted and will action accordingly.

You can see the status of your swap requests at any time by heading to the Swaps screen in the Rotageek app. Here you can see approved, pending and rejected swaps.

Requesting a shift online

To request a 'Shift Swap' online, log in to and click on the 'Swaps' tab.

This will provide you with a list of 'Your Swap Requests' and 'Swaps Available'.

To request a new shift swap press the 'Request Swap +' button.

This takes you to a screen that shows your rota for the month and a form to request a swap.

Click on the shift that you want to swap, type a message to your colleagues/manager in the 'Additional information' box.

To send to everyone who is available tick the 'Send to all available users' box.

If you want to send to specific people only untick this box and pick the users names that you would like to notify.

Click Submit Request and the swap request will be sent to your team mates and your manager will also be alerted of this request.

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