The Reports tool gives you the flexibility to take the data from your RotaGeek account and produce a series of powerful reports. To create a Report, first go to the 'Reports' section of the RotaGeek web app.

Here you can see all of your pre-existing reports. Once you've created a report, it will be saved here so you can easily edit and run the report again. Don't have any reports to run? Let's create one! First, click the 'New Report' button in the top right.

The 'type' of report refers to the different data you can add to that report. When you choose a report type, the Reports modal will appear:

To create the report, fill in the information for each tab, starting with the basic details. The 'visibility' refers to who can see the report. This allows you to keep the report private (only you can see it) or public (everyone can see it). 

The 'Fields' tab is where you choose which data gets put into the report. For each row, first click on the 'Data' dropdown and select a variable to add. You can then add a column 'label' which displays on the report. 

You can then press 'Add' to reveal a new row, where you can add a new set of data. Do this to your heart's content!

The 'Calculated Fields' tab is where you can compute simple operations with your data. A good example is calculating 'Hours worked', which is 'Shift duration' minus 'Breaks duration'. 

The 'Group' tab allows you to group the data in the report based on broad categories, such as Staff Name or Location. Finally, you can choose to filter the data in your report by location, staff member and/or date range.

That's it!! When you press 'Create Report' your Report will run, as well as be saved for future use.

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