The planned hours graph appears at the top of the scheduler and displays useful information about your current schedule.

The planned hours graph is most useful if you have a budget of hours you need to allocate for each day of the week, but you can use it without.

What information is displayed?

In its minimised form, you will see the number of people scheduled each day, the number of people on leave as well as how many hours you've scheduled that day.

If you have inputted planned hours for each day, then you will also see how far you are away from hitting these numbers. You'll see it turn green if you hit your planned hours.

How can I view my graph?

Click the arrow on the left to maximise the planned hours section and view the graph.
The graph will display a 'max' line if you have inputted planned hours. If not, it will display how many working hours and leave hours you have scheduled each day.

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