Rotageek's leave planning tool allows your team to request leave via the Rotageek web or mobile app and for you as a manager to approve or reject it based on your company leave guidelines. Once approved, leave automatically gets added to the schedule and staff informed about your decision.

Leave Admin - Approving/rejecting leave

For an individual to be able to manage leave, they need to be given the permission 'Allow user to manage Leave' and are required to have the role, Supervisor.

When a new leave request is made, you will be informed by email and by a notification on the Rotageek Dashboard.

To view and process all leave requests, navigate to the Leave Admin screen. The first screen you will see is outstanding leave requests.

If 'first come first served' setting is turned on, you will only be able to process leave requests in the order they were received.

To view the details of a leave request, you can click anywhere on the request, or select Actions then View. This will bring up the Request Details module.

At the top of the leave Request Details module you can see any warnings or errors for the leave request, these will be triggered if any leave rules have been broken. These rules may include Maximum staff off for any one day, or a Peak Trading Time.

In the leave Request Details module you can edit the Leave Type, Start/End Date for the leave and the Total Time Taken Off.

You can then select whether to Approve or Reject the Leave request, entering in any notes you wish to give for this decision.

Once you have made a decision and hit Save, the employee will be given notification of this through either SMS/Email and push notification to their mobile app.

After you have approved or rejected this request it will appear under the Leave Admin tab 'Processed'. Here you can view all approved/rejected leave, alongside making any edits to this processed leave. Employees will be notified of any changes you make to processed leave.

The third tab in Leave Admin, is the Leave Calendar. Here you can see leave for everyone at your location, alongside being given visual guides to when leave rules are put in place, shown as coloured dots on the leave Calendar. You can use these guides to check whether you are meeting the leave rules put in place by your company.

The final tab is Leave Reporting. Here you can view and filter the data for leave in your location(s). Filtering the calendar by 'This leave year' will let you quickly see your leave data for the leave year.

Leave settings

If you have visibility to Leave settings, you will find both Leave Admin settings and Leave Approval settings under 'Settings' in the main navigation menu.

Leave Admin Settings:

  • First-come-first-serve leave processing: This means leave requests will be required to be processed in the order they are received.
  • Quick Actions: This setting turned on will allow requests/processed leave to be rejected or approved without the full details being seen.
  • Leave Escalation Period: The amount of time an unprocessed leave request is left before it is brought to the attention of a superior manager.
  • Allow Negative Leave Balance: Allow leave balance to go below zero, meaning employees can take leave beyond their leave balance.
  • Allow Supervisors to edit 'Notes' when processing leave request details: Allow notes to be entered in Request Details module when leave is being processed.

Leave Approval Settings:

Here, you can select which position can approve leave of any other position. E.g, setting an Area Manager to be able to approve all Managers Leave, whilst Managers are given responsibility for approving all Store Assistants Leave.

You can also select which position acts as the superior position for when leave is escalated. This escalation occurs once leave has remained unprocessed for a specified duration of time (this duration is controlled by the 'Leave Escalation Period' in Leave Admin settings).

Leave guidelines

Leave guidelines act as advisory rules to warn those managing leave of when there may be conflicts or rule violations for leave requests.

These guidelines are set by your head office. Guidelines may include Maximum people on leave at any one time, peak trading periods that require staff to be available or Bank Holidays.

These guidelines will be flagged on the leave Request Details module and can also be viewed on the Leave Calendar.

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