A leave type is a type of leave shift with a customisable set of settings. You can create a leave type or view & edit your existing leave types by going to Leave Admin and then clicking on the Leave Types tab. 

On this tab you can see a summary of all your existing Leave Types. To edit an existing leave type click the Edit button, or to add a new leave type click the New button. 

For each leave type, you can specify the following details:
> Name
> Applicable locations (where the leave type should be available)
> How the leave type should be reported on (i.e deducted from in terms of leave balances)
> Whether the leave type is requestable or non-requestable (more info here)
> Whether the leave type is paid or unpaid
> Icon
> Colour

When you're finished, hit save and your leave type will be updated and ready to use. 

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