Gaps templates save you time when you need to run the autoscheduler or send out shifts for coverage.  

To create a Gaps template first open the 'Scheduler'

At the top of the rota you should see the 'Gaps' column. In the left hand title header, click the small grey arrow to expand the column.

If you hover over a day of the week in the 'Gaps' column, you should see a small grey plus appear. Click on this to add the shifts you require for that day; you can either enter this manually or choose from 'Existing' shifts. Find out more about creating 'Shifts' here.

Once you have added the shifts you need for the week, click on the 'Tools' button in the top right corner of the Scheduler and select 'Create gaps template'.

Name your template (eg. Summer Hours) and make sure you select the location you just entered the gap shifts for when selecting a location to copy.  Select which days of the week you'd like to include in your template, any other locations you'd like to apply this to, and hit 'Save'.

This saves the template, which you can then use for the autoscheduler or for sending out available shifts.  

Learn how to apply gaps templates here.  

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