To start using RotaGeek's budgeting tool, make sure you have inputted your employees payroll details in their profiles. Click here to view how to do this.

Once all of your employee payroll information has been inputted click on 'Budget' on the left hand menu.

You will see a grid with all of your store locations down the left hand side and all weeks of the year across the top.

There is a notification at the top of the budget tool that will alert you to the current week. Scroll to that week.

You can now input your payroll budget for each of your stores or locations by double clicking on a square and entering your budget allocation.

You can input as far in advance as the end of the calendar year from the current week you are at.

Once you have inputted all of your data click on 'Save Budget Data'.

If you now go to the 'Scheduler' click on 'View' and then 'Show Budget Bar', you will be able to view the total cost of the shifts you have allocated against your budget in the dashboard bar.

It will display the total cost of all scheduled shifts, your total budget for that location or store and the remaining amount available.

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