With RotaGeek, your employees can request swaps online and via our mobile phone app. To 'Approve' or 'Reject' these swaps you will need to log in to your web account.

Swap requests can be viewed by going to the 'Swaps' area.

This displays any outstanding, approved or rejected swap requests.

Select the swap that you wish to view, and click the purple 'Process' button.

This displays details of the swap request.

To reject the swap request, just click 'Reject this request'

To approve a swap, look at the list of employees in the responses list. This will show employees who have indicated that they are willing to swap.

Select one of these employees by clicking on their name. This will display their rota and a button allowing you to 'Give the shift to this employee'.

Click this button to approve the swap. Both employees involved in the swap will get an email/SMS alert and the schedule is rewritten to show the swapped shift.

The swap is shown as approved on your swap list.

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