There is a difference between an employee leaving the business and being transferred to another store. 

If your employee is transferring to another store

  1. Go to People's Page and find your staff member by typing their name into the search bar in the top right. Then open their employee profile. 

2. Scroll down to 'Locations' and remove the location(s) this staff member is attached to, that they no longer should be 

Please also make sure all of their future shifts are removed from the scheduler, and leave is removed from leave admin.

You may then want to contact your Area Manager, or Rotageek Support (via the blue chat bubble on the bottom right of the screen) to inform us of where the employee is being transferred to. 

If your employee is leaving the business

  1. Go to People's Page and find your staff member 
  2. Click 'Deactivate'. This will remove them from Rotageek!  

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