Have all your shifts vanished from the Scheduler?

Or have you just set up your account with staff, locations and shifts and now you can't see any shifts in the scheduler?

This can happen if you forget to tag the shifts to locations. 

For example, Lets assume that I have set up 'My Sandwich Shop' on RotaGeek.

I have created locations as;

- Front desk

- Kitchen

- Office

I add my staff and create some shifts.

When I go to the scheduler, unless I have tagged my staff and shifts to these three locations, they will not display.

The way to resolve this is to add locations to your shifts.

1) Add locations to shifts

Go to the 'Shift' area of the site by clicking the shifts menu item

Click the 'Edit' button

This displays the Shift pop up.

Go to the 'Locations' tab.

Here you will see that this shift is already associated with the 'default' location.

To add this shift to locations that you have created, click the '+' button on the right hand side of the desired location. This location will then display in green, indicating that the shift is associated with that location. You can tag shifts to multiple locations if required (see image below)

To remove a location, click the green cross associated with that location.

Once you are finished, click Save.

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