Have all your employees vanished from the Scheduler?

Or have you just set up your account with staff, locations and shifts and now you can't see any staff in the scheduler?

This can happen if you forget to tag your staff/employees to locations.

For example, lets assume that I have set up 'The Big Cycle Store' on Rotageek.

I have created numerous locations for my store in cities across the UK.

I created accounts for my employees and also created some existing shifts.

When I go to the scheduler, unless I have tagged my employees to these locations, they will not display.

The way to resolve this is to add Locations to your users.

Adding locations to users:

Go to the 'Employees' area of the site by clicking the employees menu item,

Click the 'Edit' button,

This displays the User details pop up.

Go to the 'Locations' tab.

Enter into the search bar a desired location and select the location. A blue tick will appear next to the location, alongside being added to the location list (green bars).

Once you are finished, click Save.

To remove a location, click the green cross associated with that location, or click on the location in the location search bar, removing the blue tick.

Once you are finished, click Save.

Please Note:

If you are unable to see the employee within the 'Employees' section, you will need to contact a colleague with Admin access to your business' Rotageek. 

This Admin will have access to every employee set up throughout your business, including any employees without locations attached to them.

The Admin will need to search for this employee and add the required location using the above steps.

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