By default, all users within RotaGeek are tagged as a 'user'. This means they will appear on the rota but do not have access to create or approve rotas.

Most managers/store leads within RotaGeek will hold the position of 'supervisor' with access to administrative functions including the Scheduler screen.

If you want to give someone else access to also create and approve rotas, navigate to the Employees tab in the left hand menu and click Edit by their name.

Navigate to the Positions tab and change their role to 'Supervisor.'

This will automatically give them access to the default set of permissions for the Supervisor including access to add new users and create schedules. If you want to change any of these permissions, navigate to the Permissions tab and turn any permissions on or off.

To create schedules, they will need to have the 'Enable Scheduler' permission turned on.

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