Rotageek allows you to Check In and Check Out from your shifts using our Employee Mobile App

Checking In for a scheduled shift

When you arrive at work, open the Employee Mobile App and navigate to the Check In section. Your upcoming shift will be displayed here. Tap the check in button to begin your shift. You will then see a message confirming that your check in was successful and your shift has begun.

Once your shift is over, tap check out

Your check in and check out times will be recorded in Rotageek as a record of the hours you have worked. 

Understanding Geo-Fencing

Your employer may have chosen to use Geo-Fencing with Time & Attendance. This means you will only be able to check in to a shift whilst you are on your employer's premises. 

How does Time & Attendance impact my timesheet?

Your clock in and clock out time will be recorded in Rotageek. If your Time & Attendance record is different to your scheduled shift time (e.g. you arrived 15 minutes late), this will be recorded on your Timesheet automatically. Your manager reviews and compares these Time & Attendance entries against the planned schedule and agrees how many hours you worked. 

Your manager has discretion over what is recorded in Timesheets, so if you were recorded late because you forget to clock in at the start of the shift don't panic! Just speak to your manager to ensure that the correct amount of hours gets recorded. 

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