Requesting Leave on Rotageek is simple and straightforward! This article shows you how to request leave on the mobile app. 

Go to Leave and a screen will load that shows your leave balance and requested leave. To request leave press Request Leave at the bottom of the screen.

This loads a screen that looks as follows. 

From here you can choose your Leave Type. Then, by clicking on one of Starts or Ends you will open a calendar. On the calendar tap first on the start date of your leave and then on the end date. 

When the blue bar on the calendar covers the correct days of requested leave, press 'Select these dates' and you will be taken through to the screen below. You can add a note if you wish and then press Send Request to notify your manager of your request for leave. 

If the leave is approved the box next it it will have a green tick, if it is declined a red cross, and if it is pending a grey and white icon. Your Leave Balance will also be updated accordingly. 

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